Huntington park bay boardwalk

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Why this website?

Hi. My name is John and I built this site due to a number of interests I have. First I have been to Huntington Beach State Park a number of times. I like the outdoors and nature. From my visits I have gotten to know a little about the park and what it has to offer visitors. I also found that there was a lot of simple but helpful information about the park that was not so easy to find. The SC state site about Huntington Beach is fine but leaves out a lot of details. So I decided to build my own website. I thought I should do this because I have a bit of experience building websites and felt it would be fun to build a site for the park. I also imagined that I was not the only one that wanted to know some of the things I have found out about the park. So one of my goals in creating the Huntington Beach State Park site is to provide helpful information to someone that wants to visit this great place.

I hope you enjoy the website, that you get to visit the park and that you have a wonderful time while you are there.