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The Grand Strand's Quiet Beach

The park property includes a wonderful 3 mile stretch of Atlantic Ocean shoreline. The main access point found near the most well developed section of the park. A large parking lot, the park office, Atalaya, bathrooms and changing rooms are all located within close proximity to this easy to get to section of the beach. There are also some secondary access points, including a few paths out of the campground, some points along the trails and at the terminal end of the northern park road. Most of the beach is more than just a few minutes from parking hence the majority of the shoreline is relatively remote.

The Swimming Beach

There are no lifeguards on the beach so it is strictly swim at your own risk. From the main parking lot that leads to the beach you also have easy access to a large building that has bathrooms and a place to change into or out of your swimsuit.


You can fish from the surf along large sections of Huntington Beach State Park's beach. Do stay away from the busy swimming areas to avoid conflicts with non fishermen. Also heed any restrictions that occasionally close off some parts of the shoreline. You are now required to have a salt water fishing license when surf fishing in South Carolina.

What is the Grand Strand?

The Grand Strand is a stretch of coastline found between the mouth of the Cape Fear River, in North Carolina, to Georgetown, South Carolina. This crescent shaped area is roughly sixty miles long and today is a mecca for tourists. Myrtle Beach is the center of the Grand Strand's commercial and tourist activities. This single city attracts over ten million visitors a year.

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